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Launched 30 May 2015, Science Centre’s all new exhibition, Interplay, is way past cool! Brought to you in partnership with ARS Electronica, Interplay celebrates the fusion of arts with science. It aims to connect with the audience on a whole new level; the adults and children not only get to interact, but they become part of the interaction and thus explores humans’ new place in the digital world. It shows in a new light the uses of technology in society.


O.lhar in the Interplay exhibiton at Science Centre Singapore


O.lhar was designed by the artist Raquel Kogan. This exhibit captures in real-time a short video of the visitor peering through a peep hole, not knowing that he/she is being recorded. These recordings are then projected onto a screen covering the entire surface of a wall. Thus the audience becomes part of the exhibit.

Here’s an exclusive mini-interview with the mind behing this fascinating exhibit:

Sanjali Jain: What was your inspiration for this exhibit?

Raquel Kogan (left) talking about her craft to Sanjali Jain (right)
Credit: Goh Kiat Teng

Raquel Kogan: It’s always a difficult question. The idea came to my mind in 2009. I did it at first without sound in 2012. Last year in November, the Institute of Brazil invited this work and I finished it with sound. Sometimes you have the idea but you don’t know if you can build it up. Then you have to research if it’s possible.

SJ: What did you enjoy the most in this process?

RK: What I like the most was not when I was designing, it’s when it’s built up and presented it to the public. It’s like a memoir of the visitation. When people discover how it works, they start playing and that is very enjoyable to watch. I enjoy watching the visitors act and react to the exhibit. It changes with the location in the world because of the cultural difference. And I’m dying to see how people will react to it here!

SJ: For the youth who are inspired by your work and who would like to follow your footsteps, do you have any words of advice?

RK: First, you must have the dream and the passion. And you need to be sure what you want to say, because I feel that I am always saying something in different ways through all my work.

Raquel Kogan

Raquel Kogan graduated in Architecture. She won the Rumos Transmídia prize in 2001 with reflection#1. She won the Cybernetic Rumos prize and receives an honor mention at File 2010 –Prixlux with Reler.

You can find out more about her work at http://www.raquelkogan.com/

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  1. BOC Sciences says:

    Impressed, very innovative! Can’t help imaging the site in my mind!

  2. Sanjali says:

    It is quite impressive! These type of exhibits really make you ponder and then some more.

  3. Rajan Vadakkepat says:

    Any privileges to Singapore PR on this SG50 events?.

    1. Kiat Teng says:

      Dear Rajan,

      Permanent Residents can purchase a special SCS SG50 Day Pass at $25.00 that gives access to all SCS attractions. More information can be found at http://www.science.edu.sg/events/Pages/GJ.aspx

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