Three activities I like at Interplay Exhibition, Science Centre Singapore

Jeremy Keat U is a Secondary 4 student who underwent an internship at Science Centre Singapore (SCS) in June 2015. He has written this blog post during his internship at SCS.

Working as an intern at the Science Centre Singapore, I was extremely lucky to be able to visit the “Interplay” Exhibit that was recently opened, in collaboration with Ars Electronica all the way from Austria. It is described as “Where Science Meets Art”. I definitely agree with that statement because I had such a wonderful experience watching Science just being absolutely beautiful.  There were many cool illusions that simply blew my mind, such as the Frozen Shadow booth, where you can leave your shadow behind on a wall just after a flash of light!

IMG_20150616_105920There were three activities which I particularly liked, the first one being the Deep Space Show, which was like an enhanced edition of 3D, as we were able to interact with the 3D images. In this show, there were five different “movies” and I will share a little more about three that I particularly like. The first one had us going deep into the sea to explore the different fishes that we had created just outside the area using a tiny tablet-like machine. It was funny to see the different fishes which we had created, some of which looked extremely creative and interesting.

Following that was what I, personally, felt was the best “movie” out of the five, which was actually going to space in a 3D view. We were able to zoom out of Earth and zoom out of the Milky way to explore other galaxies, and we even got to go on Saturn’s Rings! It was such an enjoyable experience and is definitely one of the things you should check out in the Science Centre Singapore.

The  last movie I like was from the perspective of a pro skier. It felt extremely enjoyable, as if I was gliding through the snow like a pro, and it was especially exciting to see the view of one of Austria’s most challenging ski routes.

At the end, to ease our eyes out of the 3D theatre experience, we were also shown a short 2D clip about the sun which had lost one of his rays,  attempted to retrieve it, but had to be wary of disturbing the city at night. All these movies were extremely entertaining to watch and definitely showed how far technology has come.

IMG_20150616_104856smallAnother activity which I visited was the “Earth Patrol” activity, in which we used laser pointing guns to defeat aliens in a dome which really put me into a state of immersion. The interesting thing about the booth is that, unlike an arcade, the guns which you use to fire at the aliens are completely wireless . I found that the inclusion of it within an enclosed dome was amazing as it felt like I was actually in a spaceship. I only managed to get to the 2nd stage of the game, but it was still extremely entertaining. The only tiny gripe I had regarding this was the slight unresponsiveness of the guns, but who could really complain? The technology seemed extremely hard to create.

The last activity which I was absolutely amazed by was the “Kinetic Light” showcase. It showed light spiraling around in a tornado like structure. It simply looked like light moving on its own, but it was actually a rope which was rotating rapidly with 2 ends being attached to the ceiling and the floor. One of the exhibit guides showed us when he explained it to us. It was a beautiful blend of colors and definitely something that you need to check out. I found this extremely remarkable that a rope could simply disappear from the structure and simply turn into a “tornado” of light!

Overall, I felt the experience was amazing and is something that anyone can check out, even kids.

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