The 5 questions you need to know the answers to.


WHAT is happening?

Science Centre, along with Omni-Theatre, Snow City, KidsSTOP and the Cliff are offering free admission to their attractions and gated exhibitions as a way of celebrating Singapore’s Golden Jubilee.

WHEN is it happening?

Science Centre will be offering the special Golden Jubilee deal from Friday 7 August to Monday 10 August 2015.


7 and 8 August 2015 9 and 10 August 2015
Science Centre 10am – 8pm 10am – 5pm
Interplay 10am – 8pm 10am – 5pm
Human Body   Experience 10am – 6pm
(last admission at 5pm)
10am – 5pm
(last admission at 4pm)
Omni-Theatre 10am – 8pm
(last show at 7pm)
10am – 5pm
(last show at 4pm)
KidsSTOP™ 10am – 12pm;
12.30pm – 2.30pm;
3pm – 5.30pm
10am –  12pm;
12.30pm – 2.30pm;
3pm – 5pm
Snow City 10am – 6pm
(last admission at 5pm)
10am – 5pm
(last admission at 4pm)
The Cliff 10am – 8pm
(last admission at 7pm)
10am – 5pm
(last admission at 4pm)

WHERE is it happening?

It’s all happening at Science Centre’s Group of Attractions.

InterplayHuman Body2OT2Snow City2KidsSTOP2



WHO is eligible?

Singapore citizens are able to enjoy this SG50 deal.

HOW to access these attractions if you don’t fit in the above category?

Fret not! You can still purchase a day pass of $25 that gives you access to all Science Centre attractions!


Well now that we’ve got all those details out of the way, are you excited? I know I sure am! Science Centre is committed to making your time with them during the Golden Jubilee an unforgettable one. With more exciting shows showing than your average day, you’re sure to be entertained throughout your stay! I for one am looking forward to a special Tesla Coil show.

What are you looking forward to this SG50?


For more information on the Golden Jubilee Celebrations at Science Centre, click here.

Posted by:Sanjali Jain

Sanjali is an avid reader of all that stimulate curiosity. She loves to spread awareness on the offerings of Science Centre Group of Attractions, as well as all things science. Sanjali is the editorial manager for the collaboration on Science Spy from Science Centre Singapore.

4 replies on “Celebrate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee at Science Centre

  1. I want to know if there are any lectures or shows in Golden Jubilee Celebrations at Science Centre. and if I can access there now??


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