Come down to InterPlay during Golden Jubilee

During the Golden Jubilee, Science Centre will be free for Singapore Citizens. So come and play at InterPlay!


Do you love technology, but also keep an eye out for artistic and fun new things out there? Be it video games, paintings, space, or special effects, Interplay is the exhibition for you to discover how arts and technology fuse together to give you something all together spectacular.

I had a chance to interview one of the creators of this exhibition, Marek Straszak, and here’s what he had to say.

What is the story behind your exhibit, ‘ARS Recollected’?

IMG_1479Marek Straszak: It’s hard to say. Manuela [the key creator and organiser of this exhibition] asked me to do a project on the history of ARS Electronica. A lot of my work is related to systems that may seem complex when you see them for the first time, but they makes sense when it all comes together. The idea was to put the history ARS Electronica into a single [visual] layer of composition on the wall.

For the youth who are inspired by your work and who would like to follow your footsteps, do you have any words of advice?

Marek Straszak: I was inspired by video mapping, it is a good way to enter this field and you get to play with architecture. These are good branches to go through to enter this type of work.
Marek Straszak studied Art and Media in Germany, as well as Photography and Multimedia in Poland. As a new media artist, he is interested in motion graphics, interactive audio-visual installations and kinetic sculptures.


interplay1Ars Recollected was designed by the artist, Marek Straszak. This exhibit is a record of ARS ELECTRONICA presentations from 1979 up to now, through a mix of “real” (wood work, 3D pieces and simple kinetic systems) and digital media (ie. infographics, illustrations, video-animations) to create a multi-layered experience for the visitor.

What I felt…

Personally, I thought the exhibit was fascinating. In the midst of the constant whirring noises and flashes of light, different stories are told throughout the exhibit. The hyped atmosphere actually helped to quieten my mind in order to reflect on the passage of time and how media has changed throughout it. There is something almost hypnotic in the carefully orchestrated rhythm of this exhibit.

You can catch InterPlay at the Science Centre during the Golden Jubilee long weekend. Click here for more details on Golden Jubilee Celebrations at Science Centre.

2 responses to Come down to InterPlay during Golden Jubilee

  1. Kiat Teng says:

    Thanks for sharing, Sanjali. It’s a fascinating exhibit indeed. One might really be lost in time and the rhythm of this installation, and it’s quite a contrast compared to the rest of the installations in Interplay. All in all, it’s a great exhibition that shouldn’t be missed!


    • Sanjali says:

      You’re right, all the installations in this exhibition really stand apart from each other and yet it makes sense that they are all part of the one exhibition.


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