Fresh catch just out of the Sea


mostblogportalHappy Halloween folks!! This year, Science Centre has an extra something special to make your Halloween and holidays that much more exciting! Open since 30 October 2015, Science Centre’s all new blockbuster exhibition, Monsters of the Sea, has hit the shores of Singapore.

Step through a portal and explore uncharted waters where you’ll come face to face with legendary creatures such as Ichthyosaurus, Ophthalmosarus, Plesiosaur and Mosasaurus, all under one roof!

Learn about these extinct and living monsters – their appearance, their food habits, their habitat and more! This exhibition has you covered on all fronts.


So without further ado, here’s a sneak peek into Singapore’s first display of life-sized animatronic sea creatures, and more particularly my own favourite Purussaurus!


  • Time Period: It existed during the Cenozoic / Miocene era (8MYA).
  • Habitat: It is a native of the wetlands of Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Peruvian Amazonia, N. Venezuela).
  • Size: Its body measures 11-13 metres and its skull up to 1.4 metre.
  • Description: Its jaw is lined with conical teeth to get a strong grip on its prey. Its jaw bite is twice as strong as that of a T-rex. Purussaurus is the apex predator, capable of attacking large prey. It is one of the largest crocodilians ever to exist.

Click here to find out the exhibition details and experience these awe-striking creatures for yourself.

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