Have you ever watched the setting moon on board a flight?

It is the beginning of the new year and I am recently reminded of one of the most awesome and unforgettable views I have ever seen.

From a majestic white, it turned into beautiful orange hues. Within a span of 12 minutes, a beautiful waning moon sets slowly through a sea of clouds and disappeared. On its left was a star-studded dark blue sky, making the whole view so surreal and fascinating that my eyes were glued, for a long time. This was an scene I chanced upon accidentally half a year ago on 29 May 2015, 3.10am on board a southbound flight at 11,888m off the ground, 2554km away from Singapore and 1517km to Perth City, Australia. I should really be asleep but excitement had probably kept my brain very active and kept me awake.

Unfortunately, I was not able to capture any decent photo using my phone camera but just like many other awesome moon views I had seen, this had been embedded into my mind. Here is a photo of a moonset observed on board a plane by photographer Keith Tarrier who has kindly permitted the use of the photo on this blog.

Photo by photographer Keith Tarrier – The moon as seen from an airplane window over Russia

Did you know that you need not be on an airplane to see a setting moon? Here’s a previous post I’ve written on the moonset. Check it out and find out more on how you can observe one! Enjoy this fun activity in the new year!

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