Tink! Ding! Pling! Buzz!

Science Centre Singapore’s new immersive space officially tinkers to life!

A media preview and an official launch held on 21 and 22 Jan 2016 respectively, ushered in a crowd of grown-ups to the Tinkering Studio – an experience that unleashed their inner child at the entrancing space. But before you check out their fun journey of experimentation, here’s a little introduction to the Studio!

Described on the MakerFaire Singapore blog, “The Tinkering Studio at Science Centre Singapore is a place where people get to tinker with their hands and learn through that process. It is based on a constructivist theory of learning which asserts that knowledge is actively constructed in the mind of the learner. The Tinkering Studio supports the construction of knowledge within the context of building personally meaningful creations, such as marble machines or light paintings.”

Bodacious isn’t it? That’s certainly what our visitors felt at last Thursday’s Preview, which was graced by a number of distinguished guests including the IES President (Er. Chong Kee Sen) and Deputy President (Er. Edwin Khew). Our Centre’s Chief Executive – A/Prof Lim Tit Meng and the IES Deputy President delivered compelling addresses – which were well received by media who got the opportunity to make Scribble Bots after a quick workshop at the Studio!

If you’re wondering what a Scribble Bot is, it’s basically a vibrating hands-free scribbling machine! Using simple motors attached to a battery, base and markers, you can create a scribbler that produces surprising patterns!

Here’s some pictures of the Preview.


The day after the Preview – on Friday (22 Jan), the Tinkering Studio was officially launched by Guest-of-honour – Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Home Affairs. And On the day, a memorandum of understanding was signed by Science Centre Singapore and the Institution of Engineers, Singapore.

Here’s the video (by Masakazu Takasu) of the speech by Dr Vivian.

Aching for creative inspiration? Tinker down to the Studio today and let your imagination take flight!

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