What an eclipse!

A cloudless morning set the stage for a brilliant Solar Eclipse show and what a sight it was!
3,000 people witnessed this on a working day morning with some showing up as early as 7am to check it out! With telescopes, venuscopes, free solar glasses and a live webcast – Science Centre Singapore was ready for our eclipse chasers to enjoy the action…

Spectacular views of the Eclipse lasted from 7:23am to 9:32am (with the effect peaking at 8.23am).

If today’s experience is anything to go by, the next visible eclipse in 2019 (an annular solar eclipse – ring effect) is likely to wow even bigger crowds. You can count your stars that Science Centre Singapore will be in the thick of it once again! Thanks for your support today and we look forward to seeing you at our weekly Stargazing sessions on Fridays as well as at our Digital Planetarium shows! 🙂

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  1. Kiat Teng says:

    Spectacular view indeed!

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