Basking under a trillion stars

It’s more than spectacular.

Everyone of these dots represent a galaxy that comprise trillions of stars

Within 30 minutes, as part of Visual SG’s first day programme, Carter Emmart, Director of Astrovisualisation, American Museum of Natural History flew the audience at our Digital Planetarium way beyond our galaxy, to the point where galaxies become uncountable, beyond the time where dinosaurs exist, to even further in time. Here’s a quick photo slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you have always been fascinated with space, don’t miss out the chance to listen to Carter’s presentation over this weekend (23 & 24 July, 3pm) at Omni-Theatre. Or if you are not familiar at all, treat this as a chance to bask under a trillion stars. The admission charges have been waived, so don’t miss the opportunity! More information can be found here.

Want to read more about Visual SG 2016? Check out this earlier post.
Tweeting about Visual SG? Include the hashtag #visualsg and see it appearing as part of Visual SG’s Twitter Thought Bubble!

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