Beauty in Patterns

Into its third year, Visual SG will be taking place at Science Centre Singapore from 22 – 31 July 2016, with the theme “Beauty in Patterns”.


As the name suggest, this festival (which comprises of a public exhibition and a full range of public lectures and workshops held at Science Centre Singapore) is about visual expression.


Starting from today (for ten days), visitors to the Science Centre Singapore can view the Visual SG exhibition at Hall C. It is filled with amazing visualisation exhibits ranging from peacock feathers, to butterfly scales to the vision of Mars exploration by Carter Emmart, the Director of Astrovisualisation of the American Museum of Natural History.

Upclose beauty of peacock feathers (by Waldo Nell)
Can you guess what these images are?
Visualisation of a tear (by Maurice Mikkers)
Future possibilities of travelling to Mars (by Carter Emmart)

Besides the graphical exhibits, there are also several booth activities that illustrate visualisation in different manners. For example, the Imagineering Institute showcased a device that allow you to experience taste through an electrical device, and there is also a booth where you can play “space music” that translates into digital projections.

Imagineering Institute booth in Visual SG Exhibition
Check out what is showing in this dome too!


E3 (Hall C)


The programming for Visual SG this year is also spectacular, including public lectures by Carter Emmart, Director of Astrovisualisation, American Museum of Natural History and Patricia Vickers-Rich, Thomas Rich and Peter Trusler from Monash University.

Don’t miss these out over the 23 & 24 July weekend. In fact, admission charges to Carter’s Public Lecture at the Digital Planetarium over this weekend has been waived! Simply enquire onsite at Science Centre Singapore. Seats will be subjected to availability.

During the opening this morning, we get to see Garip Ay, Turkey Ebru artist perform painting on water. Ebru, one of the oldest Turkish arts, involves forming patterns on the surface of water which has substances added to it to increase the viscosity. The patterns are then transferred to paper.


There will be a public demonstration of Ebru Painting on 26 July (Tuesday) at the Visual SG exhibition at Hall C at 2pm.

In addition, CRADLΣ Lab at Level 2, Science Centre Singapore will also be conducting microscopy demonstrations in line with Visual SG’s theme “Beauty in Patterns” on 23, 24 and 30 July. Check out the details at the website, and see you at Science Centre Singapore!



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