Tinkering to infinity – and beyond!

This article is written by Valerie Wong, Corporate Communications Officer from the Science Centre Singapore.


If you have run out of ideas for what your kids should do this upcoming September school holidays, come on down to Science Centre Singapore and join us at Tinker Fest, where ideas never run out, but keep on growing!

Co-organised by Science Centre Singapore and education technology start-up Imagin8ors, the week-long festival aims to connect children, parents, educators and makers in the Joy of Learning through play, exploration and experimentation. A wide-range of morning workshops and full-day activities have been lined up for kids and their parents to have a hands-on experience in tinkering.

Partners and members of the media were treated to a sneak preview of Tinker Fest on Friday, 26 August. At The Tinkering Studio, they had plenty of opportunities to make use of tools available to construct a marble track on a peg wall, fix their own racing toothbrush bot, as well as design small items that could float or fly above a wind tunnel.

Figure 1 – A guest monitoring the marble track she built
Figure 2 – Testing out the toothbrush bot
Figure 3 – Having fun experimenting at the wind tunnel

These were but some of the teaser activities that Tinker Fest offers – themed “Nurturing 21 Century Learners!”, the festival highlights the importance of developing our children’s competencies from a young age so that they are better equip to succeed in a fast-changing technology-driven world.

To get more people on board the tinkering train, Imagin8ors co-founder and president, Mr Balaji Ramanujam also shared the start-up’s latest project: a beta version of the Imagin8ors app that is a collaboration with The Tinkering Studio and other partners.

Figure 4 – Balaji sharing on the beta Imagin8ors app

For parents and children who had a taste of tinkering at the premises and want to explore more, the app would allow them to take tinkering further – facilitating creative learning with technology out of the Science Centre and into their schools and homes.

Ultimately, The Tinkering Studio, the Tinker Fest activities and workshops and the app are channels that encourage life-long learning and tinkering, to spur kids to constantly create and innovate beyond the tools they are provided, and to inspire young minds to think critically, and think out of the box.

So drop by The Tinkering Studio today and keep your kids educated and entertained at Tinker Fest! Festival activities are free but admission charges to the Science Centre apply. More information on Tinker Fest can be found here and Imagin8ors’ blog.



Event: Tinker Fest
Date: 3 to 11 September 2016
Time: 10am to 6pm
Venue: The Tinkering Studio

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