KidsSTOP – There’s something for everyone

By Jediel Yew

KidsSTOP is an edutainment centre that aims to engage children from pre-school to lower primary school and expose them to science at a young age.

The four exhibition galleries, Imagine, Experience, Discover, and Dream, aim to show the application of science in our everyday lives, through hands-on activities and programmes!

I got the chance to pay KidsSTOP a visit this week (yes, I might be a little overage), but the many displays and stations still piqued my interest. Below are some of the eye-catching stations that I would like to share with you!

In short, KidsSTOP is a wonderful place for children of all age groups to step into an imaginary world and embark on an exciting and inspiring journey of discovery! To find out more, visit their website at

Jediel Yew is a student at raffles institution, who was interning at Science Centre for two weeks in August 2016.

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