3D Printed Butterflies?

Nope, this is not a 3D printed butterfly.

In fact, this is a beautiful Swift Peacock butterfly which can be found at Butterflies Up-Close (Hall D), Science Centre Singapore.


So where can you find the 3D printed butterflies? Well, you can find them at Butterflies Up-Close this September school holidays. This is because of a 3D printing pen activity that will be run until 11 September.

You will use a 3D printing pen to trace our ready templates, and voila, within 30 minutes, your butterfly will be done and it can be a nice souvenir for you, or a gift to a friend!

Here are some photos.

Alerting all Pokemon Go players: You can make your own “Butterfree” too!

For more information, check out the Science Centre website – http://www.science.edu.sg/exhibitions/Pages/ButterfliesUp-Close.aspx.


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