Halloween Haunts

Aaah, that pumpkin spice, those chocolates and sweets, that spooky and chilly (depending on where you are in the world) time of the year. It’s got to be one of my favourites holidays of the year, that time to indulge and be merry! Good ol’ memories from my childhood of eating candy and trying to trick people into giving me some more.

So what are you up to? Take a trip down memory lane in the West and rekindle those fond moments with your children!

Come down for the right amount of fright for a nightmareless Halloween!

Science Centre Singaporescsinfo.png

Want to go on an undercover operation this Halloween, then Science Centre is your destination for this festive season! Join operation Anti-Villains and come take down Lady Rust, Cross-I, Commander Zee, Lord Rubbor, Choco Cannibal and White Willow. Find out what mischief these villains are up to using nifty scientific tricks and defeat their plans! Complete the Operation Anti-Villains trail booklet and get a goodie bag.

NTUC members get to redeem an extra mystery gift* upon the completion of the trail.
*Term and Conditions: Membership cards must be presented upon collection of the gift at the Visitor Service Counter in Science Centre. Limited to one mystery gift per membership. While stocks last.


Other highlights happening in the Science Centre for this weekend include:

Halloween Themed Tinkering Activities from 10.30am to 12.30pm
from 14.30pm to 16.30pm
Tinkering Studio, Hall E
Halloween Themed Scientist for a day Activities (Plasma Ball, Van Der Graaf and candle-wax activity) from 10.30am to 12.30pm
from 14.30pm to 16.30pm
Scientist for a Day exhibition, Hall A
Snap, Tag and Win Contest
box_magnetismParticipate in our Instagram contest and stand a chance to win a Magnetism Kit (worth $49.90)* from Science Centre Holdings!

Simply follow these steps:

Step 1- Come dressed in your best Halloween costume
Step 2- Give us your best pose
Step 3- Upload a photo taken at our photo booth on Instagram
Step 4- Tag us at #ScienceCentreSG

*Click here for Terms & Conditions.

Snow City


Want to have a chillier Halloween as always portrayed in movies? Then head down to Snow City to experience a spooky snowy Halloween. Discover for yourself the artsy snowman sculptures created especially for this festive season while the kids can enjoy some Spooky Tales at the Mezzanine Floor about Oki and his friends. Learn how he conquered the werepire and meet the fearsome beast in person!

Other highlights happening at Snow City for this weekend include:

Snow Fall Experience Daily Hourly
10 am – 5 pm
Snow Chamber – Upper Mezzanine
Snow Blizzard
(not for the faint hearted!)
12 pm and 3 pm
Snow Chamber – Lower Mezzanine
Meet & Greet  Oki and Friends Weekdays & Weekends
2.30 pm
Snow Chamber
Winter Sport Education Programme Friday, Saturday, Sunday
2 pm
Snow Chamber


So there you have it – the Halloween Haunts in the West! The question now is – how will you come to the West dressed as?

To find out what else is happening at Science Centre, click here.

To find out what else is happening at Snow City, click here.



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