DUN DUN DUUUUN!~ (dramatic sound effect)

Imagine life without artificial light. without air-conditioning. without (gasp) the internet!

That’d be a world without a screen to read this post with.
No electronic spouse-like smart phone to give us company (all the way to the toilet).
Robson Green’s extreme fishing TV show would forever remain a figment of imagination (and I can’t live with that!).


It’d be an uneasy, unimaginable and unliveable world! (just ask Cookie Monster)
Simply put, a world without Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics… would have lots of noughts including no scientists, no engineers and no SCIENCE CENTRE (there goes our jobs, sob!)

I think life in that world would be simply …
bleak, extreme and apocalyptic.
We’d be like savages in the movie – Mad Max (Mel Gibson’s company would be the sole consolation).

Thankfully (phew!~) that’s a state of darkness we don’t have to contend with today.
Not in Singapore at least. Here STEM’s applications take life all around us, on us and even inside some of us!

Someday I hope we’ll all grasp how
STEM’s (completely) transformed us.
From a backwater fishing hole.
To a globalised nation whose shoulders giants now stand on.

We’ve come this far because we valued STEM. All these years.
We chose to appreciate it, understand it and innovate with it…
engaging with STEM at study, work and play.

Thankfully its beauty isn’t lost on many of us.
Including those of us at the Science Centre.
Where we labour daily…

to seed the continued awareness of STEM;
to communicate its increasing relevance in daily living; and
to inspire innovation of its widespread applications

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These efforts are catalysed by our Chief Executive, A/Prof Lim Tit Meng.

A/Prof Lim Tit Meng

Who walks the talk. Putting our money in the future of STEM.

To give you an idea of how we value it, have a read of this interview in part where our CE met a journalist from Danish National Radio (who was in a state of wonderment during his visit to Science Centre) to share how developments in STEM continue to remain at the forefront of Singapore’s advancement plans and that of Science Centre’s too.

Click here to access the blog post on STEM’s significance going on-air on Danish National Radio! (part I). Part II will be coming your way soon… Stay tuned!~

Here’s a little something from the White House Science Fair – just to show you how world leaders also seem to think STEM’s pretty important too 😉

“I am a science geek. I am a nerd,” he said in a speech before more than 700 people. “And I don’t make any apologies for it. It’s cool stuff.” – President Obama.

Posted by:Thomas Danny Jeyaseelan

I've been working for over 7 years at Science Centre Singapore... a place I've come to call "home" where science befriends and transforms me day by day! I love communications and this blog has given me a terrific opportunity to express myself in writing. I continually aspire to engage the community through my contributions. And would love to hear back from readers like you if you have something interesting to share (please leave a comment!). That would really encourage me! Am also looking forward to hitting the centennial mark with 100 posts. Am nearly 70% there. ;) I hope you have a great online experience on Stir-fried Science, enjoy all science has to offer, and be inspired to make or be the difference you wish to see in the communities you find yourself in.

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