Tinker Camp 2016: Journey

Read about the adventure of 26 children at Science Centre’s first-ever sleepover Tinker Camp!

*Hint: Next camp is coming up in June 2017!*

The Tinkering Studio Singapore

Armed with sleeping bags, prototyping notebook and endless amount of creativity, 26 children embarked on an adventure to The Tinkering Studio for our first-ever sleepover camp.


Day 1: 25 November 2016

Scribble Bot

The day started with a brief introduction to the art of tinkering. Campers get their hands dirty with colour markers and experimenting with different weights to make their very own Scribble Bot.

Electronics Fun-damentals

To light a bulb, it’s not a must to use wires. We explored lighting a LED with a coin battery on paper using copper tapes.

Recycle, Reuse and Reimagine

Gardening and computer coding, that is the new age superhero recipe to create a sustainable indoor farming.

We learnt basic programming to signal us if the surrounding is too hot for our plants.


Nature is full of ideas and inspirations. Campers used their five senses to tour around Science Centre Singapore’s Eco-garden.

DIY Laser Maze

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