Orange you excited for CNY?

bob_jagendorfXin Nian Kuai Le! Happy Chinese New Year!

By Gauri Saxena and Danny

This time of year, boisterous beats of lion dance performances ring out in celebration corners decked in vibrant red and pink decor. Smells of tasty goodies like pineapple tarts and Yu Sheng waft in, making our mouths water.

Families reunite over sumptuous spreads, exchanging ang paos and oranges. Exchanging Mandarin oranges is a significant part of CNY and symbolise abundance and good fortune.

Besides its symbolic significance, did you know that these delicious fruits possess many properties? Over 3 posts, I’ll show you 3 ways you can discover them through simple experimentation! Here’s Part 1!

Does an Orange float or sink?
1) A mandarin orange
2) A deep bowl or container
3) Water

1) Fill the container with water.
2) Put the Orange in the water and see what happens. It will float!
3) Now, peel the orange and put it back into the water. Observe what happens!

The orange now sinks!

How does this work?
The reason for this is that a mandarin orange peel is full of trapped air bubbles. This helps the orange stay afloat in water. But without its skin and the air bubbles trapped inside it, the peeled orange sinks!

Film Production: Nazirah (filming) and Gauri (editing)

Gauri produced this video during her internship at Science Centre Singapore. She is currently enrolled in JC1 at Temasek Junior College under the IP Programme.

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