A Starry Proposal!~

By Danny and Gauri Saxena

img_2949Science Centre Singapore is so memorable to many of our guests for so many reasons.
One of which includes being an idyllic place for a wedding proposal!

Our very own Omni-Theatre which turns 30 this year, has seen quite a few proposals of recent, with younger couples opting to propose and pledge their love for one another in the starry setting of our Digital Planetarium.

We caught up with one of the couples who popped the all-important ‘Will you Marry me?’ on 23 Jan this year. And here’s what they said in response:

Why did you choose to propose to your fiancé at the Omni-Theatre?

Desmond: I promised my girlfriend to give her the moon and the stars, and being the only venue with the 8K digital planetarium system and dome screen, the Omni-Theatre was ideal to put up a sky full of stars for my proposal.

What was the experience like? 

It was definitely one-of-a-kind and the staff of Omni-Theatre were able to cater to my requests which made the proposal very intimate. After all, you don’t always get the opportunity to do a proposal right under the stars and the universe!

To me, the Omni-Theatre is a hidden gem with a lot of potential for proposals and other events! It’s got a charm I can’t explain unless you experience it for yourself!

Here’s what happened…

As our Presenter Yong wrapped up his fantastic Friday night stargazing show at the Planetarium, an animation of a meteor shower started to play with some music… Desmond mysteriously emerged upfront in the dark and locked eyes on his unsuspecting girlfriend seated above with her best friend.

She shyly walked to within direct view of Desmond who read out a charming proposal script that proved a winner, as he fell on bended knee and whipped out a gorgeous ring asking her, “Will you marry me?”

Swooned by the proposal, she said “Yes!” and shrieked in surprise when her friends popped out of hiding to surprise her!

Here’s a video of the action!

Check out one of Yong’s cosmic creations that you can have customised and played with music to create that unforgettable memory of a lifetime!

Here’s a picture of the happy couple who headed out after the evening event with their friends! If you’re inspired to hold your event at Science Centre or its group of attractions, contact us!


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