It’s Raining Pi!~

What a blast!

We celebrated Pi (π) Day in style on 14 March at Science Centre!
The revelry was contagious – kicking off in the office!

The Pi-fever later spilled into the Gallery spaces with 100 sporting guests joining a Pi Circle at our Atrium – closer to midday!

Each of us held a numbered card – representing a digit of Pi (3.14…), and participated in a countdown…

And at the stroke of 1.59pm, 100 π balloons rained down! Wooo!~

Incidentally, a couple of balloons found their way to the top of our Tornado exhibit – dancing around the stream of air escaping the exhibit in an unintended demo of Bernoulli’s principle!

What’s happening here?
Air pressure keeps the balloons afloat. The air escaping the top of the Tornado exhibit moves faster than the air around it. This means that it has a lower air pressure than the air around it. The balloons are kept within the area of lower air pressure because of the higher-pressure air surrounding them.

Bet all this talk about Pi and air pressure is making you hungry!
Take a break. Treat yourself to some pie – for real! 😉

While you’re at it, come and enjoy the rest of our fun-filled Festival of Numbers which is ongoing till 19 Mar 2017!


Do also join us at the Mathematical Discovery & Habits of Minds workshop on Sat, 18 Mar, where there you will get to learn and try out fun hands-on activities that will help develop your minds like a mathematician!

You can click the workshop title for more details!

Mathematical Discovery & Habits of Minds by Dr Hang Kim Hoo
Vice-President, Singapore Mathematical Society
Date: 18 Mar 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 11 am to 12 noon
Venue: Science Centre*

*This workshop is free! but admission charges to Science Centre Singapore apply.

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