By Merlynna

I didn’t know much about Palms until I had attended Nature Calls Again! – which was not as you’d imagine – a trip to the ladies, but the guidebook launch of Science Centre Singapore’s latest publication –“A Guide to Exotic Palms of Singapore”. 😉

Nature Calls Again! proved to be a highly engaging event – short yet highly informative as the author, Dr Adrian Loo, gave an insightful talk peppered with stories of adventurous research trips outfield as well as record-breaking fun facts and pictures. I loved the fact that he brought in lots of food items that he handed out for us to touch or even taste!

Adrian briefly shared what inspired him to co-author the book alongside 5 reputable subject experts. Following this talk, there was a mini-exhibition on exotic palms at the Western Entrance of Science Centre. A rattan shield on one of the Walls caught my attention and I was surprised to find out that it was used back in the day by Riot Police! There was also a trail led by Adrian at the Ecogarden and once again Adrian inspired us with lots of interesting nuggets of information about the palms cultivated there!

There were even book sales and signings on the day. In fact the book is now sold at Science Centre’s Curiosity Shop! I’d highly recommend it as it’s really easy to read and will greatly help readers to comprehend Palms in Singapore that originate from all around the world.

The talk, mini-exhibition and tour at the Ecogarden certainly helped me appreciate the rich palm flora more. Hopefully, you’ll also explore them and find them to be “useful, beautiful and delicious” – as Adrian so perfectly puts it.

*Upcoming Event!*
Picnic Under the Planets

Have you ever seen Jupiter up close? NO? Then what are you waiting for? Come down to Science Centre Singapore on Friday, 7 Apr 2017 to witness the largest planet at its largest and brightest from Earth! On top of that, we’re screening two outdoor movies too!

Be sure to visit our website for more details!

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