Look at the stars, look how they shine for you!

By Merlynna

18Does the title ring a bell? For Coldplay fans it would! If you have no idea, have a listen to their song – ‘Yellow’. It’s really quite magical – and we were to lucky to relive that on 7 April 2017… Not at a concert venue – but an equally ‘sold-out’ space where over 6,000 people showed up to enjoy a mass Picnic Under the Planets!

Elizabeth Hurley once said, “Spending time outdoors makes you feel great!” How true! That night was so well-spent with my friends as we took the opportunity to watch two outdoor movie screenings and view Jupiter at the Lakeside of Science Centre Singapore!

legomovieIn my 20 years of living, I’ve never watched an outdoor movie screening as it is almost obsolete nowadays and the presence of cinemas is so convenient to us all. Ever since I heard about the event, I KNEW this was it. I dragged all my friends with me to watch the two awesome movies; The Lego Movie & ET. I had never seen these movies before in my childhood, so watching it invigorated the child in me.

To top the experience, there was a viewing of Jupiter. Initially, I wasn’t too keen on it as I had never been a fan of astronomy. However, the Jupiter viewing blew my mind, and gave me a new perspective. As I reached the telescope, I was visibly impressed with the technicality of the instrument itself. As soon as I looked through the eyepiece, I was wowed. I couldn’t believe I was looking at Jupiter (778 million km away!).

Pictures simply do not do the planet justice.

I bet you’re asking, what’s so special about seeing Jupiter that day? Let me hit you with the facts.

Fact #1: Earth’s motion carries the planet between Jupiter and the sun, bringing Earthlings to their closest point to the giant planet for the year.
Fact #2: Jupiter rises as the sun sets and appears brighter and closer than on any other date in 2017.
Fact #3: You’ll still be able to see Jupiter in all its glory till September! – esp. at Science Centre’s  Observatory!

Check out this video NASA made of its Hubble Space Telescope which observed Jupiter just before its opposition on 3 April 2017!

Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/Katrina Jackson
Ooh and before I forget, the event also featured an educational Super Cool Science Show before the first movie. It allowed people to explore a super cool world through a series of live science demos involving liquid nitrogen.

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You don’t get to experience that every day, do you? Even though I went to this event with my friends, I would most definitely head to Science Centre again with my family instead after seeing the many families who came and had an enjoyable night.

If you have never experienced stargazing, visit Science Centre’s Observatory on Friday nights for free! Remember to check the stargazing FB page for details before coming as all outdoor events are weather permitting!

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