Written by Che Wan

Forensic Science is a topic that has been garnering interest for quite a number of years, probably due to numerous television series and media coverage. Forensic Science is a process of evidence collection and analysis of clues on a scientific level, which eventually leads to figuring out the crime – who did it and how.

My team and I had a great time conceptualising and developing activities based on this theme. Each of these activities focuses on a specific brain function essential to be a crime scene investigator.

We gathered a few of our colleagues and went to various locations around Science Centre to create different “crime scenes.” We were filming in the eco-garden, laboratories and even inside a shipping container. We also conducted a trial run two weeks ago for our Science Centre staff, and are in the final preparation stage for launching our mass escape game in Mid-May.

In Brainfest’s Crime City, you have 45 minutes to go through available clues left behind by the serial killer, unlock and save the Police Department Chief. Expect to make full use of your observation skills and logical reasoning during our mass escape game. We hope you are as excited as we are for this.

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