Celebrating Our Oceans

Now more than ever, we are more aware and alert to the consequences of our actions – our mining and every growing consumption of the Earth’s natural resources have depleted them. Actions like using plastic bags without disposing of them properly or human drilling deeper in oil rigs cause oil spills that often lead to the polluting of our waters and the death of many aquatic creatures.

While yesterday we celebrated our oceans, let’s make a pledge that everyday we will be more respectful of our Nature and do our bit to protect it by using more eco-friendly products and disposing waste in a recyclable and reusable manner.

Change Starts with Education

Start from Day 1 and instil these values in your little ones at KidsSTOPTM! Be a part of our World Ocean Day workshop happening on 10 June 2017. Take a dive into our fun-filled activities and learn how we can make our oceans healthier.

You can also join our Ocean Buddies sharing sessions everyday at 10am and 4pm. Don’t forget to visit our Marine Conservation corner where you can follow the adventures of Toby the Turtle and take the pledge!

For more information, please go to www.kidsstop.edu.sg


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