Thank you to everyone who participated in Science Centre Singapore’s 40th Anniversary 40-word Facebook Contest! Without your support, we wouldn’t have achieved…

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We had a hard time choosing 3 winners but we did!

The 3 Winners are….

Noorsyahidah Jumat

Noorsyahidah Jumat: “My numerous school excursions to #ScienceCentreSG have definitely inspired me to pursue Diploma and Degree in Biomedical Sciences. I vividly remember a DNA workshop where we put on our white lab coats and fiddle with micropipettes and microscopes. #SCSInspiresMe”






Photo Jun 14, 14 51 36
Chen Huiyi

Chen Huiyi: “#ScienceCentreSG has inspired me to be who I am today, a food chemist! From someone who dislikes science and find it confusing to become fall in love with it! Love visiting Science Centre for different exhibitions & gain knowledge! 🔭🌍💘






Selene Cheng

Selene Cheng : “Science Centre, oh!
You blow my mind,
The world you reveal
Is just sublime!
From crime scenes, dinosaurs, cells and more,
With interesting exhibits, facts galore,
It’s here that learning will never end.
Enlighten me — on you I depend!




They  have each won a Fitbit Alta and a leather accessory band sponsored by Fitbit. All 3 winners have been announced on our website and Facebook page.

Do look out for more exciting events coming your way in 2017 as part of our 40th Anniversary Celebrations!

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