New Look, New Perspective!

Written by: Benedict Tham, Dexter Lim and Danny

Mind's Eye Pic

The Mind’s Eye Exhibition is back! Bigger and Better.

Double the excitement, double the fun.

This exhibition on illusions and human perception features familiar favourites like the Mirror Maze as well as some brand new additions!

Don’t miss these top 5 highlights when you check out the exhibition at Science Centre Singapore!


1. Don’t Stop Now

This unmissable pattern makes a hypnotic return – with its spinning lines – tricking the brain into experiencing a Motion Aftereffect! Just what that is – you’ll easily experience when you stare at it for a time and then look away!

Don't stop now Pic
Stare at the swirls and get hypnotised!

2. Magic Shadows Too

You might walk right past this one without realising just how amazing shadow play can be – even with messy blob of Lego! Look out for two exhibits that exemplify this – including the one below is able to produce shadows in the shape of a dragon, a jet and a butterfly.

Magic Shadows Too Pic
Looking at things from another perspective…

3. The Giant Chair

Peepholes can be voyeuristic. But this one’s pretty magical! Take a peek through it and you’ll see what we mean – two objects become aligned perfectly giving the illusion of a shrunk human on a giant chair. You can add to the fun by inviting your friends to “sit on the chair”. A picture perfect moment!

The Giant Chair Pic
Sit on the chair and shrink to the size of a dwarf!

4. The Haunted Castle

Feeling a little naughty? Go ahead and play a ghostly tune on the piano. You are sure to scare the living daylights of those who dare look through the misty windows of the castle.

The Haunted Castle Pic
Enter the ‘hidden’ room and be the ghost that haunts the castle!

5. Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic Mirror Maze

Was it this way, or that way? How many of you are there? Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic Mirror Maze gives you endless moments of fun. Featuring 105 mirror cells and endless reflections of yourself, you are sure to get lost in this trippy labyrinth.

Mirror Maze Pic
Enter if you dare…

So wait no more! Head down to the Mind’s Eye exhibition at Science Centre Singapore!

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