They’re Coming… Are You Ready?

Written by: Benedict Tham, Dexter Lim and Danny

Shakespeare once said, “We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep.”

Jointly presented to you by National Geographic and the OmniTheatre Singapore, Robots takes you on an amazing journey into the revolutionary world of humanoid robots. Let’s explore how they are revolutionising and making an impact on our world!

The Stages Of Life

Stage One: Crawling

How do we move from place to place during our infant years? Crawling! Many programmers are engineering robots, such as HRP-2, to perform actions that our little ones do. Of course, after some crawling it’s also time to rest.


Stage Two: Walking and Running

Robots are engineered to walk and run as well. And with the great advancements in technology and science, few other robots such as ASIMO are able to adapt to uneven grounds. But seriously, can’t they just include a simple face?


Stage Three: Obstacles

As we walk through life, we are sure to meet obstacles and challenges along the way. But, no matter what, life goes on. Like us, ATLAS navigates through its difficulties, but topples over at times.


Stage Four: Decisions

No one can avoid making decisions. With technological advancements, we are attempting to make robots decide. Well, this might sound quite cold, HERB makes the plan, executes the plan, expects the plan to go off the rails and finally throws it all away!



Stage Five: Learning

ICUB. Now now, it’s not that old school joke, I.C.U.P. about seeing people in the toilet urinating. It is rather a robot modelled after a toddler. And it learns from its mistakes too!Icubdances

Robots in Our Daily Life

CHIMP! Well, this one does little monkeying around, it does some serious work mate. With its extreme laser scanning, CHIMP is able to compose a real time digital map of its surroundings. Crikey!


Other than helping us create digital maps, robots can also work in space satellites and help us connect satellite cables, like the RoboNaut2 here. The RoboNaut2 also has smooth hands and a firm grip on objects given the close partnership between robot and humans.


Programming the robot to have interactions with us, humans, is definitely the most difficult task. Nevertheless, we have succeeded in making robot and human interactions possible. Look at how much fun NAO is having with the children!



Inventors, Roll Out! RobotPointer

We, as humans, should continue to invent, continue to innovate in order to take the world of robotics up a notch.

So, wait no more! Head down to catch the latest film ‘Robots’ in the OmniTheatre, next to Science Centre Singapore! Capture your most memorable moments and share them with us via the hashtag #omnitheatresg on Instagram!


Craving For More Robots?

Be sure to check out the Dino Robot Factory at the Annexe at Science Centre Singapore! Jointly presented to you by Kokoro Co. Ltd. and Science Centre Singapore, travel to a realm between the past and the future, to the reign of the robotic dinosaurs. Discover… ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!

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