Written by Fatin Afiqah

Lights! Camera! Action!

For the second year running, KidsSTOP held its ‘Show You Can!’ creative drama competition at the Marquee in Science Centre Singapore from 12-13 Jul (Auditions) and on 27 Jul 2017 (Finals). Themed, ‘Happy, Healthy Me!’, the Competition featured 11 teams which showed creative ways of leading a healthy lifestyle in 5-minute performances.

Here’s a look at 5 great takeaways from Show You Can! 2017.



1. Dramatic

Kids are never short on dramatics which when played out on stage then, invoked benefits like:

  • Building up confidence;
  • Improving concentration;
  • Developing language and communication skills; and
  • Developing emotional intelligence


2. Science? Boring? No way!

Our young performers got to learn science concepts as they acted out their roles – demonstrating healthy habits on stage.


3. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

The kids used props made entirely out of recycled materials like furniture and costumes as well as an entire house!


4. Happy, Healthy Me!

Exercising, using the computer in moderation and opting for healthier ingredients when cooking were some of the topics explored in the 5-min stage presentations. The kids reminded us that healthy living was a lot more than just exercising or having a well-balanced diet. Healthy living was about eating right, being physically active and making smart health choices in our daily lives!



5. Experiencing Theatre First-Hand

“Mic test, one two three!”

It was a first for many kids to perform on a large stage – in-front of a big crowd! Being mic’d up for the first time and hearing their voices resonating throughout the entire Marquee proved rather amusing as the children couldn’t stop giggling each time they spoke into the mic!~


Show You Can! 2017 provided a platform for children to explore their talents and build up their confidence as they performed on stage. The teams were able to experience learning science in a fun and engaging way and we hope to see more teams participating in next year’s Show You Can! creative drama competition!

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