Building strengths by growing together

CRADLΣ – the Centre for Research and Applied Learning in Science – has made steady progress in bringing science to life through hands-on experimentation, thanks to the support from schools and industry.

On Fri 11 Aug, CRADLΣ’s partners from a number of renowned educational and industrial establishments were recognised through the presentation of certificates and the unveiling of a special plaque where their logos take pride of place – at CRADLΣ’s entrance.

Gracing the event, A/Prof Lim Tit Meng, Science Centre Singapore’s Chief Executive later shared: “Recognising the amazing partners we collaborate with, is one of the key ways that we consolidate our strengths today in our preparation for tomorrow.

“This enables us to continually make science concepts meaningful – which is never an easy feat – but just what CRADLΣ does best – thanks to its stellar partners.”

Deepening in impact and reach, CRADLΣ has engaged about 20,000 students already as a teaching and R&D Hub at Science Centre Singapore. Opened in 2012, the influential Centre for Research and Applied Learning in Science (CRADLΣ) offers lectures, hands-on workshops and mentors students in research projects (several of which have gained notable recognition by 3M, Google, MOE, etc.).

A slew of new workshops and programmes (including work experience programmes) will soon be introduced. For instance, a few of them include understanding the properties of waves; building a homopolar motor; and building and bringing home the touch sensor.

The good news is that CRADLΣ isn’t limited to participation from schools only. Students in general can entreat themselves to its programming – including its upcoming New Robotics Camp in Nov 2017!

At CRADLΣ, it’s all about engaging minds, creating experiences and inspiring youth to become scientists and engineers who will shape the world of tomorrow.


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