It’s Showtime!

Grace Quah

By Grace Quah and Danny

My experience in Science Centre’s annual science busking festival was definitely one of the highlights of my life! It was a great exercise in mindfulness – of my science communication abilities, not only at the performance stage but during the preparations too.

Let me briefly share some of the significant moments!
I remember sitting down with my teacher and penning down as many ideas as possible. Since my teacher taught microbiology in class, we decided to theme it on that – as a performance rather than a run-of-the-mill demonstration.

I formed a team with a few other peers and wanted to show what we were taught in ITE. We decided on an experiment – gram staining. After finalizing our plan, we decided on what we needed – like costumes and props in line with a creative storyline.

With all the preparation taken care of, it was time to put on a good show! After transporting all the props and setting up, we started engaging a small crowd before moving on dazzle a larger crowd who took up the second storey of Vivocity, surprisingly.


The Germbusters (ITE East)

At the end of every show, we received a lot of compliments and feedback! Simply watching the children and other curious onlookers was incredibly satisfying and just being able to enjoy the learning in the process made it all worthwhile! That was the reason why my team had participated in the competition in the first place!


You can imagine how thrilled we were when after two days of near non-stop performing, they announced that my team had emerged winners in our category! It was a proud moment for us to receive the award. I won’t ever forget the sight of our peers and teacher celebrating with us! That scene will forever remain etched in my mind.

I always believe that every experience has a take away from it. Performing science experiments to an endearing curious public, not only serves to educate them, but also serves as a creative platform for students like me to demonstrate our ability to communicate science through science busking.

I’m so thankful for the experience – of brainstorming an idea, forming a team, participating and ultimately winning! It’s the most rewarding way to apply ourselves creatively and enjoy the learning journey along the way.

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Science Busking is doable! It’s fun! It’s definitely for everyone! *I highly recommend it 😉

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