Flavours and the Mind

Ever experienced the nostalgia of smelling a place you have been to as a child? Or tasting a 3D printed lollipop and experiencing a sour taste? Check out our Digital Food exhibition and challenge your senses!

Taste Test

taste test retake

Sugar and Sweetener molecules are very different in molecular size and chemical structure, and yet they fit into the sweet receptors in our taste buds. Most people can sense the differences between natural sugar and artificial or natural sweeteners, and tell them apart.

Some are even more sensitive than others, and have very acute taste and smell senses. These people are often trained to be professional food tasters.

Let’s us get started. The Taste Test consists of 5 sweeteners, with two of the sweeteners being identical. Would you be able to identify the same sweeteners from the rest?

Something about Smell in your Memory

bak kut teh retake

Has a familiar scent ever brought a nostalgic memory from your childhood to mind?
These boxes are infused with synthetic scents that are linked to specific places like Mustafa, drinks like Kopi (Coffee), and even food like Bak Kut Teh (a local favourite food with pork and some herbs as main ingredients)!

Do you think an animal like salmon has a similar evolutionary trait like humans, with an imprinted memory of food and places?

Can you Smell and Taste Colours?

colour and smell retake

Visual cues are part of our perception of flavour and food. From the moment we see food, our minds build expectations using memories of past experiences linked with the food’s colour, smell and appearance.

Look at the flasks, and squeeze the bulb to smell the synthetic scents. Do the colour and scent match your expectation, or are some of them counter intuitive to you? Can you find the matching pair?

Take this Smell Challenge!

21766870_1678393878860894_1212407339190029221_nIs your nose sensitive enough to distinguish the differences between similar smells?
Squeeze the blower to smell the flasks of soya sauce, and see if your nose could tell which other flask of soya sauce is the same brand as flask X!

A dog has at least 40 times the number of smell receptors as a human. Do you think your nose can rival a dog’s nose? Can digital technology enhance our senses of smelling and tasting?


Digital Candy Shop


Our minds process electrical signals from our taste buds and olfactory (nose) receptors to perceive the taste and flavours that would translate into a unique food experience.

The exhibits in the Digital Candy Shop use electrical pulses or temperatures to trick our minds into tasting a flavour that isn’t there. Would you be tricked by these exhibits?

What do you think our food experience will be in the coming Digital World?


Check out the exhibition at Hall A – this exhibition was developed by Science Centre Singapore in partnership with Imagineering Institute.

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