Exploring New Worlds during World Space Week

Ever wondered what interstellar space looks like? Or how wide the Milky Way is? After watching the Omni Theatre’s latest Live Planetarium show Exploring New Worlds, I experienced for myself how vast and boundless our universe is. State-of-the-Art digital projection technology and specialised software allowed me to not only take a closer look at what lies beyond but also made it possible to travel to space and back within a short span of thirty minutes, virtually of course!

The presenter took me through the history of space exploration, covering the Space Race to the entry of Voyager 1 into interstellar space.space historyFrom the history to the challenges related to space exploration. From the first man to land on moon to the recent entry of the Voyager 1 into interstellar (outer) space, interspersed with commentaries and quotes from renowned personalities in the realm of space exploration such as Neil Armstrong and Carl Sagan.

As mesmerised as I was educated, the spectacular lights and beautiful imagery of planets, galaxies and asteroids paint the scale and grandeur of our universe. It surely stoked my curiosity. Unlike a movie, what made the experience unique was the presenter.

The “Cosmic Butterfly” is the observable universe from earth’s point of view, which only allow us to look towards the sides of the Milky Way, thus making the universe appear like the wings of a butterfly!Beautiful lights

The presenter takes everyone through the journey engaging every curious soul with snippets of information, insights, and thoughts about space exploration that sets one thinking and pondering the possibilities it could bring to mankind.

Each show is approximately 30 minutes, and would cost you $14. I would highly recommend this to all, young and old, to catch this educational and entertaining Live show at the Omni Theatre!

Coming to the Omni Theatre from the 4th to 15th of October, Exploring New Worlds is part of the World Space Week. In addition to the show, there is a special exhibition at the Science Centre Singapore showcasing exhibits such as a video mapping of a virtual space station, and a new augmented reality game.

Don’t miss out on this! Today we launch probes into outer space. One day, we could be travelling the galaxies, and exploring new worlds with our very own eyes.

Who knows what the future could hold?









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