Above And Beyond!

Authored by Cassia Pang and Reviewed by Danny

Faster, Farther, Higher, Smarter – these words perfectly describe the incredible journey aerospace technology has come and will continue to travel. They also mark some of the titles of the themed galleries of our newest exhibition, Above And Beyond. The exhibition is produced in association with Boeing, and in collaboration with NASA and the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.

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Above And Beyond illustrates the story of flight and space travel, beginning with the first controllable aircraft made by the Wright Brothers in 1903 till now. Indeed, we have come a long way.

This limited time only travelling exhibit makes its debut in Singapore on 16 December right here in Science Centre Singapore. Featuring more than 15 interactive exhibits, Above And Beyond also challenges us to let our dreams take flight in the future of aerospace.

Here is a glimpse of some of the exciting exhibits in store!

Full throttle

A designer and pilot all in one… fancy flying in a plane of your very own creation? Full throttle allows you to choose from various fuselages, wings and tails to construct a unique fighter jet. Your design choices would affect the speed and manoeuvrability of your jet, so choose wisely.

Next, put your design to the test in Advanced Flight Training. Aim for a spot on the leaderboard to have your name go down in history as the best fighter jet pilot and designer.

I may not have been the best pilot when I tried it out for myself (In fact I came in at a dismal last place), but I sure did have a lot of fun!

One of the Fly Stations where you can test your fighter jet.

International space elevator

Ever wanted to ride in the Great Glass Elevator from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory? Sadly, such a contraption does not exist. However, get to experience something similar in the international space elevator. Get blasted up into Earth’s orbit, as the temperature gradually fell around you.

Radiation levels increase, and the pressure drops to dangerous levels. The elevator automatically zooms in to various things you can see at different altitudes along the way, such as aircraft, spacecraft, and satellites.

It sends you up to the new Spaceport that is being built, the future of space travel. Accompanied with fantastic views of our planet from above, this virtual trip is sure to leave you in awe.

View of Earth on the descent back.

 Marathon to Mars

Imagine spending 6 months in space on your way to Mars. How on earth can someone not get bored to death in a tiny space craft for that long? However, you have nothing to worry, you can simply sleep the time away in a pod that will keep you fed via intravenous tubes and stimulate your muscles with electrical impulses.

Before embarking on this journey, preparations must be made, such as obtaining a space passport! In Marathon to Mars, you go through 3 training modules to earn yourself the passport, including psychological training, radiation training and microgravity training. This is made possible with a Kinect camera, which tracks your hands as you complete the tasks shown on the screen.

See a picture of yourself in a space suit on Mars once you get your passport!

The exhibition features many more interactive activities like the ones above, come down and have a go at them all yourself!

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