Face your fears – Phobia

Did you know that we are born with two fears only?

The fear of falling, and the fear of loud noises. Wow! That means that all the other fears that we have, are acquired through the course of our lives!

Come face your deepest fears at Science Centre Singapore’s newly opened exhibition, Phobia2, where you can explore fear in all its weird and wondrous forms. Learn how fear affects us physically, mentally, socially, and the role it plays in our everyday lives. From protecting us, exciting us, and even how it holds us back from achieving our dreams!

Jungle Experience

GorillaTake the lift at the lobby to Sub-basement 3 and begin your journey into the science behind fear. Time travel back to the dawn of mankind and explore the role fear played in our survival!

Step into the jungle and learn about our Primitive Fear Response: Fight, Flight, or Freeze!

Teen Fears

teen fearsHave the urge to scroll through Instagram every 15 minutes? Do you feel like school is hell on earth?

You are not the only one suffering from these recent phobias! Many teens all over the world suffer from FOMO (Fear of missing out on social media), and Didaskaleinophobia (Fear of school) too! Browse the panels and discover other fears common to teens, like Nomobophobia, the fear of losing your phone!

Fear of being Buried Alive (Taphnophobia)

buried-alive.jpgZombies. These scary things come alive after being buried.

But just imagine, would it be scarier to be buried alive?

Crawl under the coffin in the interactive exhibit, and experience what it feels like… to be buried alive.

Fear of Clowns (Coulrophobia)

clown roomOnce a symbol of comedy and laughter, Clowns have taken a turn to represent something dark and sinister. Movies such as “It”, “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” and “Clownhouse” propagate the already common Coulrophobia – the fear of clowns!

Step into the Carnival-themed room to explore this curious phobia, and check out the other interactive exhibits – Scream Scene and Fear Face!

Scream Scene

scream-room-e1509418132709.jpgScreaming is an impulse reaction that keeps us alive!

A loud scream may serve as a defensive threat to scare away danger, or a way of alerting others that you are in trouble.

Test your scream level at the Scream Scene, and scream to your heart’s content!


Fear Face

fear faceWe raise our eyebrows and eye lids when we scream gives us a wider range of vision, and flare our nostrils to better detect smells.

Our expression also signals to others that we are in danger!

Check out your Scream face in the interactive two-way mirror, Fear Face!


nightmare roomHorror scenes do not air on TV and cinema screens only, they can play out in our headspace too!

Our minds can conjure all sorts of terrifying scenarios and monsters, often drawn from our things that have scared us before. However, we sometimes dream of places that we have never visited, or things that we have never seen before!

Step into the bedroom, and discover what’s lurking behind the closets…

Pirate Dream

Pirate nightmareDid you know that the bad ending on a recurring nightmare can be changed by imagining a positive outcome?

Enter the Pirate Dream, and learn how dreams and nightmares play a part in our survival, and how we can manage nightmares!

History of Fear

Fear in HistoryUnderstanding our past can help us avoid making the same mistakes again.

Learn how fear has played a part in shaping our history, politics, and culture!





AlienThis stereotypical Alien is typically called the Grey’s.

First appearing in conspiracy theory clips, they took hold of our imagination, and now appear in numerous movies, bewildering and terrifying the minds of many.



Orang Minyak

orang minyak 2Legend has it that the “Oily Man”, the Orang Minyak, covers himself in slimy black oil that makes him invisible at night.

Crawling up walls and leaping from roof to roof in search of teenage girls, this legend still frightens children today.





The Thrill Factor

Some of us love the buzz that comes with fear. Thus, we enjoy horror films, roller coaster rides, and extreme sports! But why would we feel good putting ourselves in harm’s way? Check out The Thrill Factor to find out!

Roller Coaster AVTheme park ride designers constantly design terrifying roller coasters, with loopier loops and steeper drops, all to feed our hunger for thrill.

Ride the interactive, animated roller coaster and taste the thrill that comes with fear!


Thriller Selfie Wall

While you are here, grab the chance to take a selfie at the Thriller Selfie Wall!

Experiment with the ambience and lighting to create your perfect selfie!



Public Speaking

public speakingWhile some of us feel good speaking and performing in front of large audiences, most of us suffer from fear anxiety, which impairs our ability to perform well.

Step up to the podium, and experience what many deem as the most terrifying fear to face – Public Speaking.

As you reach the end of the Exhibition, explore the various interactive exhibits and panels with expert advice on how to overcome fear!

Finally, take the leap of faith, and step into the dark void, and conquer your fears!

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