Once in a blue moon!

There will be a TOTAL lunar eclipse on 31 Jan 2018, literally a once-in-a-blue moon phenomenon. And Science Centre is organising a viewing event on 31 Jan itself!

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The Science Centre Singapore event starts at 7:30pm, and ends at 10:30pm.
The full eclipse starts at 8:51pm, and ends at 10:07pm.
The maximum eclipse is observable at 9:29pm.

(Eclipse timings referenced from timeanddate.com)

There will be a Blue Moon which refers to the second full moon in a calendar month. This is one of the rare years that has two Blue Moons within one year.

There will also be a supermoon on the day! A supermoon occurs when the point of orbit of a full moon is closest to Earth, making the moon appear 14% larger, and 30% brighter.

Furthermore, the total lunar eclipse would result in the moon appearing red – also known as blood moon. A total lunar eclipse happens when the sun, earth and moon are aligned, with the Earth in the middle. The moon is completely in the Earth’s shadow, and any sunlight reaching the moon must first pass through the Earth’s atmosphere.

Let’s take a look at why the moon appears red during the eclipse.

This year’s Lunar Eclipse is all the more special as the blood moon, supermoon and blue moon are occurring on the same night! You definitely don’t want to miss out on this!

The next total lunar eclipse will occur on July 2018 (but this will be a micro moon sighting as the moon will be at its furthest from Earth).

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Additionally, there will be Live Planetarium Shows going on at the Omni-Theatre. Learn more about the moon as our presenters reveal why the moon appears different on different nights, whether the moon gives out its own light, and how the moon orbits around the Earth!

Timings: 7:30pm and 8pm
Duration: 20 minutes
Pricing: Complimentary
Suitable for: General audience of 7 years old & above
Capacity: Only 150 people per show (first come, first served)
Ticket collection: KidsSTOP ticketing counter (in Omni-Theatre building)

Important details to note! 🔖📌

  1. Set up of private telescopes is not allowed. You’re welcome to view the Moon through the telescopes set up by Science Centre!
  2. There will be bag checks. And so, travel light.
  3. Food can be purchased onsite – Street Food Circus is the vendor!

Wet Weather Plans ☔⚡

  • If it rains on the day, activities will be stopped unless the rain lets up by 9:30pm
  • The viewing event will still conclude at 10:30pm.
  • Additional Digital Planetarium shows will be scheduled in the event of inclement weather

Block your calendars and get excited to come down and watch this phenomenon take place! 😀

Tune in to our Facebook page for the latest details and visit our Event Page for more!

By Estelle Tan and Janellia Kwan
Reviewed by Danny

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