Want to become ski-llful at skiing?

Zip. Crunch. Swoosh!

We reach the bottom of the slope, adrenaline still rushing through our veins. We’re skiing! It’s fun and exciting, but we wondered – how are we able to slide on the snow, and ‘brake’ with our skis?

The reason skis can slide over the snow is because the temperature at which water freezes changes with pressure! As the pressure increases, the temperature at which water freezes is lowered.

This means the skis that exert pressure on the snow beneath us cause it to melt – creating a thin layer of water on the surface of the snow. The water acts as a lubricant and reduces friction, enabling the skis to slide us smoothly down!

When the skis are pointing forward, we cut through snow quicker because this position takes us on the path of least resistance (as the skis come in contact with the least amount of snow).

Conversely, we move slower when our skis are in a snowplough position – toes are pointing inwards in a ‘V’ shape. The slowness is due to the increased resistance due to the increased area of contact. Check this out in the video below!

This principle works similarly with snowboarding as well! When going down, sometimes the slope is steep and we need to slow down. This is done by moving in a zig-zag pattern that creates greater frictional resistance with the snow and prevents your speed from rising dangerously.

Why don’t you try this out?

Come on down to Snow City and sign up for our new skiing & snowboarding lessons provided by SportQuest Snowsport Academy. This is the only place in Singapore which offers skiing and snowboarding lessons on a 60m beginner-intermediate slope, topped with quality equipment and coaches, all carried out in a realistic winter setting!

We went down with a friend to take part in the lessons ourselves! We had a fun and enriching time, and the instructor was patient and experienced. It is definitely a great environment to hone your basic skills! Check out these photos and the video of our skiing and snowboarding lessons in action!

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What more are you waiting for?

Each session is 2 hours consisting of 1 hour class time and 1 hour practice time. Prices include admission, rental of equipment and attire, as well as the lesson itself.

You can choose from beginner, intermediate, or advanced courses. More information on prices can be found here.

There’s snow other place to experience this all-year-round winter!

See you there! 😀

Note: From 1 Jan to 28 Feb 2018*, students get 50% off snowplay at Snow City! This is only valid for the 1h snowplay ticket, and cannot be used with other promotions and vouchers. Present your student ID prior to purchasing tickets at the ticketing counter to enjoy this offer.
*This promotion is not available from 15 to 18 Feb 2018.

By Estelle Tan and Janellia Kwan
Reviewed by Danny

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