giphy (5) Why so cirrus?

Today’s topic is about clouds – one of the many magnificent masterpieces created by Mother Nature! Ever look up to the sky and wonder about the existence of clouds? Then this page is where you get to appease your curiosity.

Before I go on, some of you might be clueless to what exactly cirrus is. Cirrus is actually a type of cloud, characterised by thin hair-like streaks that stretch across the sky, painting a delicate and naturalistic canvas – as seen from the image below. Look at how unique this type of cloud is!

Unlike other clouds that contain liquid water droplets, cirrus clouds areuniquely made of ice.

Fun Facts!

So how do clouds form in the sky?

When air rises in the atmosphere, it cools and causes the invisible water vapours in the air to undergo condensation – and eventually, enough moisture will condense out of the air to form clouds.ingwik.png

Water in clouds is so small and light that they float in the air. However, when these tiny droplets join other tiny droplets, they turn into larger drops which gradually falls to Earth as rain due to gravity. This creates a cycle where water vapour rises again to form clouds!

Cloudy Curiosity

I’ve always been fascinated by clouds and I’m thrilled to share some of the answers to the gnawing questions I’ve had since young.

Are you able to physically touch the clouds?
Yes. You can touch the clouds but they are nothing more than water vapour – hence generally cool and slightly wet – just like touching a dense fog.

Do clouds move by themselves?
Yes they do. The droplets in the clouds are carried by wind. However it is good to note that the speed and direction at which the clouds are moving depends on how fast the Earth spins. While researching, I found out that clouds can sometimes move at a few hundred miles per hour, but never over 500 mph.

Why are clouds white?
Clouds reflect sunlight, hence they appear white!

Are clouds weightless?
No, clouds do have a weight. In fact, the average weight of a cumulus cloud (cloud that is commonly seen in Singapore) is 1.1 million pounds – almost equivalent to 100 elephants!

Is Earth the only planet that has clouds?
No, every planet with an atmosphere has clouds. Clouds of water droplets exist on Earth and Venus, clouds of ammonia and methane exist on Jupiter, while clouds of water ice crystals exist on Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

And…that’s all for the questions!

If you are interested to find out about other types of clouds, click here.giphy (7).gifHave a great day ahead and I hope you are on cloud nine!

– All gifs adapted from –


Sources of photos:

Cirrus clouds: Fir0002/Flagstaffotos

Cloud cycle:  Ingwik


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