Why do we cry when sad?

giphy (21).gifCall me a weeper or crybaby — when I’m triggered by a wave of emotions, streams of salty tears roll down my face uncontrollably and turn me into a complete hot mess.

It could be the grief over my appalling results. Or the sorrow of losing something precious to me. Or it could be the remorse I felt for the sins I have committed. Whatever it is, I cry because I’m sad — which makes me ponder: why do humans cry when they are sad?

Perhaps crying serves as a crucial communication device. It signals to others that you are emotionally distress. And this invites comfort and encouragement. Friends pat and rub your backs while family offers you hugs and kisses. In a way, you seek solace in people around you when you are sad.

Crying is definitely not a bad thing. To most people (including myself), the aftermath of crying feels satisfying. This is because emotional tears that leave our eyes carry high levels of stress hormones and toxins with them. In addition, crying also stimulates and releases high amount of endorphins — our natural pain killer.

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Sleeping after crying.

Without fail, I doze off unconsciously after a good cry. I must say the sleep after crying is the best one yet. As far as one knows, our emotions explode when we are unable to hold back our tears.

We overwork our emotions — allowing this sudden surge of stress and tension to overcome us and tire us to the core. Our body then sends signal to our brain, telling it that your body needs to sleep. Once awake, I’m pretty sure that all of us feel a little better — both physically and mentally!

Difference between the genders.

I don’t think it’s shameful to cry. Neither do I believe in the stereotype that tough guys don’t cry.

However, science has indeed provided a biological reason to why women are greater criers than men. Women possess a higher level of prolactin than men — a hormone thought to promote crying. Moreover, the testosterone found in men restrains them from crying too. For all we know, perhaps men were created to shed fewer tears than women.

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How to look glam when crying?!

For those who are always on the brink of tears before you can even shun from people — you are not alone! As pathetic as it sounds, I break down at the slightest provocation. It could be a simple “Are you okay?” and tears will start streaming down my face.

Apparently, our face is reddened by the blood that rushes up due to crying, our eyes get puffed-up due to the saltiness from the tears and our snot comes from a combination of tears and mucus. Not to mention, our heart races when we cry — which escalates the intensity of the crying, making us look worse than we can imagine.

A combination of snot, hot tears, red eyes and runny noses — there’s no way one can be a pretty crier!

That being said, I ain’t gonna hold back my tears even though I’m an ugly crier. If crying makes us feel better, we shouldn’t hold back — be it men or women. 🙂

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Anyway, just look at this adorable gif! I love watching animal videos when I’m sad. If you are feeling blue, remember to do something you love! I hope you have a great day ahead.


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