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I was left stranded in a vast ocean. I remembered thrashing around with my flimsy arms, struggling to keep my face above water levels. In between quick breaths, I yelled for help — but to no avail because there was simply no one. There was no end to the waters (ocean) and it is unlikely that I’d swim out of this nightmare. Slowly, I started to abandon hope and let the waters engulf me…

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…And that was the horrible dream I experienced a few nights ago!

I seldom have nightmares but when I do, it’s always something agonizing. If only we can plan our dreams and have them the way we wanted — nothing but sweet dreams. This may sound impossible, but researchers might have found some techniques to control our dreams.

Before I go on, I must explain what lucid dreaming is. Lucid dreamers are aware of themselves dreaming while dreaming. This also means that their brains are “awake” inside the dream. To a limited extent, they have control over how the dream progresses. It is imperative to note that lucid dreamers cannot physically feel despite having some control over the dream.

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Techniques to control lucid dreams.

Though the success rates for inducing lucid dreams are not high, it might be worth trying! Based on Dr Denholm Aspy theory, there could be three methods to induce a lucid dream.

Firstly, reality testing — this reminds you to monitor your surroundings in order to see whether you are dreaming or not.

Secondly, “wake back to bed” technique — requires you to wake up after five hours of sleeping, stay awake for awhile before going back to sleep in order to enter the REM period ( REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement), in which dreams are more likely to occur.

Thirdly, the MILD (Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams) technique — involves waking up after five hours and reciting to yourself, “The next time I’m dreaming, I will remember that I’m dreaming.” By repeating this phrase to yourself, it forms an intention in your head that you will, and eventually leading to a lucid dream!

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Tricks to influence your dreams.

It can be challenging or tedious to induce a lucid dream, therefore here are some tricks that might influence the type of dream you are gonna have.

You can try lighting scented candles in your room — or anything nice and positive. A study has shown that nice smells yield positive dreams while bad smells (such as rotten eggs) yield bad dreams. Though it is unlikely that you’ll have rotten eggs in your room, it’s always pleasant to make your room smell nice by adding some fragrant aroma!

Music and sounds affect your dreams too. Does the ringing of your alarm clock find its way into your dreams? One who listens to soothing music as they drift to sleep is likely to have a peaceful dream.

Of course, your state of mind is a major factor. A research has proven that your mental state determines the colour palette of your dreams. Apparently, if your dream appears in shades of black and white, it symbolises depression. Meanwhile, weathers in your dreams are likely to represent your emotions in real life.

Amazingly, when you try to quit something (such as smoking or eating fast food), your desires will appear and haunt you in your dreams.

What’s more shocking is the fact that twins are likely to have a nightmare at the same time and same frequency due to their genetic basis! Though we cannot make an accurate conclusion, there is biological reasons to prove that the theory is credible.


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By the way, I happened to stumble upon this gif and find it to be the exact representation of how I reacted to a similar dream!

And that’s all for the article, I hope that you enjoyed reading this article and have sweet dreams tonight!


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