If your child is refusing greens, this workshop might be the perfect one for you!

Tired of mashing carrots or cutting celery into cube sizes to ensure that they stay hidden in your child’s food? Instead of forcing your child to eat something they dislike (aka vegetables), why not make them love it!  Join Science Centre’s Rainbow Culinary workshop; you’ll get to learn how to make a flavoursome and a colourful vegetable dish with your child and have a great time bonding too!

And guess what? We’ll be making a variant of a remarkable heritage Peranakan herbal rice delicacy – Nasi Ulam!

Nasi Ulam is a Nyonya Herbal Rice packed with fish flakes, kerisik, and aromatic herbs. It is awfully delicious and requires no added preservatives to enhance its aroma and taste. It’d be great with a side dish but still as good by itself.

While I won’t explain further about the recipe of Nasi Ulam, the recipe taught at the workshop will include several herbs from the original recipe, namely: pepper, turmeric leaves, torch ginger, blue pea flowers, lime and mint!

These herbs have various health benefits as they nourish our bodies; sometimes cure mild illnesses we might be having such as a cold. I’ll leave it to the pros leading the workshop to tell you more about them!

And… your learning does not stop here. The workshop includes a guided tour of the culinary plants in the Science Centre’s Ecogarden (weather permitting). It’d be a great bonding opportunity where both you and your child get to learn something!

So quickly Sign up for our Rainbow Culinary workshop while seats are available!


Visit Science Centre’s website for more information regarding the Rainbow Culinary Workshop. See you there!

Posted by:Angela Kwe

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