What better way to spend your holidays! If you are feeling perplexed over the making of holiday plans for your child, then fret not – you can enrol your child in an innovative and funfilled 2-day science camp organised by Science Centre Singapore.

The Truly Madly Science Programmes are truly mind-blowing as they explore science in the most creative ways imaginable! It’s not just all fun because our participant-to-facilitator (12 to 1) ratio enables personalised attention to each child, it also ensures a very hands-on and interactive approach to science.

In total, there are four camps under the Truly Madly Science Programmes, namely: CheMystery, Serious Gaming Camp, Survive on Science (SOS) and Makerpreneur Camp. You can choose to sign up for one camp or more depending on your child’s availability during the holidays!

Now, let’s move on to the details of each camp.

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Remember pouring dangerous bubbly liquids into test tubes back in the days? If you enjoyed conducting science experiments in the lab during your school days, I’m sure that your child will have a wonderful time in CheMystery. Rest assured – safety is prioritised and ensured in Science Centre Singapore but beware, some experiments are not safe to try at home! Your child will get to explore different experiment hypothesis, create colour-changing chemical reactions and unveil the mysteries and science behind all these!

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However, if your child is into video games, this camp is PERFECT for them! The Serious Gaming Camp takes gaming to a whole new level. Your child gets to learn about scientific concepts while playing their favourite games such as Mindcraft, Kerbal Space Program, SimplePlanes… These popular games teach your child how to solve problems critically, overcome obstacles and deduce scientific reasoning in the process! Now you don’t have to worry about video games depleting your child’s learning.

giphy (38).gif

This one’s for the tough guys who want to accomplish something challenging this holiday. Learn how to survive in the wilderness in Survive on Science (SOS). Be a survivor – create your own fire, obtain drinking water, build a shelter and navigate your way through the wilderness! If your child is adventurous and brave enough, why not enrol him/her in this camp? Your child will definitely return home a little stronger – both physically and mentally!

giphy (39).gif

And if you want your child to have an early start and be equipped with the essential skills in the makings of an entrepreneur, the Makerpreneur Camp is definitely the ideal camp for him/her. Imagine learning about 3D printing, prototyping with particle photon and business pitching at a young age. Your child will definitely gain the upper hand and be able to solve real-world problems using technology. Parents are also welcome to listen and vote for your favourite project – it would definitely be a proud-parent-moment!

If all these appeal to you or your child, why not sign up for all camps?
Click here to sign up for one or more camps!


Visit Science Centre Singapore website to find out more information regarding the Truly Madly Science Programme.


-All gifs are adapted from giphy.com-


Posted by:Angela Kwe

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