Calling out to all robot-lovers – we’ve got something right up your alley! The upcoming CRADLE S.M.A.R.T. gives you the opportunity to see robots come to life over a two-day camp at Science Centre.

You’ll discover how actuators, electronics and computer algorithms activate robots, as well as you’ll get to assemble the robots from scratch, and program them to manipulate objects. The entire process will leave you in bewilderement and stimulate your innate intellectual curiosity!

giphy (40).gif

Furthermore, you’ll be able to listen to a talk from an experienced robot industry insider! Go ahead and bomb him with your questions on robotics! And that is not all, you’ll learn about a 6-axis robot and  discuss their relevance, as well as program the robot to achieve a given task. Cool, right!

So sign up here early to avoid disappointment!


Visit Science Centre’s website to find out more information regarding the CRADLE S.M.A.R.T. Camp.


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Posted by:Angela Kwe

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