[ISDC2018] A Trip to the Grand Finals of the International Science Drama Competition by Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School.

The following entries are submissions by International Science Drama Competition (ISDC) 2018 participants from Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School & Nanyang Girls’ High School on their memorable journey with Science Centre Singapore and participating in ISDC2018 overseas. 

Written by Boo Jin Xian on behalf of the Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School, Submitted by Eng Sheng, Science Educator, Life Sciences

Reflections by Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School (KCPPS)

Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School 2The Year 2018 was significant for KCPPS in many ways.

One of its most significant moments was when the KCPPS English Drama Club came together once again to defend our consecutive championship title in the ISDC competition.

I must say that I do feel honoured to be part of this journey. I remember the surge of adrenaline and pride flowing through my body upon receiving our team attire. With the words “Team Singapore” printed in bold across the T-shirts and jackets, I was even more motivated to give my all in this finals. The result of this competition is for the CCA, for the school and for our nation, Singapore. It was as if there was an unspoken agreement amongst us that giving up was not an option. Despite the fact that we were well aware that the opponents would be equally, if not even more, competent, we all knew that we would give our best and fight till the end. After all, this production was the result of the entire team’s commendable effort.

When we eventually emerged second in the finals through the close fight, there were mixed feelings. On one hand, we did feel a little let down having only achieved the second position and were unable to defend our championship title. On the other, we felt pleased to have given it our all.

This journey was undoubtedly a tough one for which all of us had worked hard together to achieve a common goal. Although we did not achieve the expected results, I must say that I have finally truly understood why people often say that ‘the end product is not what that matters. It’s the journey that counts.’

Recalling the journey which took me here, I do feel that we have grown as a team. There were many life lessons learnt.

When faced with difficulty, flexibility is key. When teachers saw the need to sync the script with the timing, they painstakingly edited both the music and the script of the play. Just as salt is essential to cooking a meal, to bring out the story perfectly, an ingredient essential to putting up a polished performance is – rehearsals. Every ounce of effort at every rehearsal mattered as all strove for the best performance.

I am indeed very grateful for the unwavering guidance and support from our CCA teachers-in-charge and our drama instructors. To our subject teachers who kindly helped us catch up with our work due to our hectic schedules and showing understanding when we failed to meet deadlines, we were grateful. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank my CCA mates for this wonderful experience.

Working with all of them as a team has been pleasant. Despite the several ups and downs, we grew closer.

Let’s cherish these memories for a lifetime!

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