[ISDC2018] A Trip to the Grand Finals of the International Science Drama Competition by Nanyang Girls’ High School.

The following entries are submissions by International Science Drama Competition (ISDC) 2018 participants from Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School & Nanyang Girls’ High School on their memorable journey with Science Centre Singapore and participating in ISDC2018 overseas. 

Written by Ang Hui Wen Rachel on behalf of the Nanyang Girls’ High School, Submitted by Eng Sheng, Science Educator, Life Sciences

Dan Gable once said, “Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made up of sweat, determination and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.”

You’re probably wondering what is ISDC now? Well, it simply stands for International Science Drama Competition. Well then, now you must be asking. Okay..? So then what is the International Science Drama Competition. Now, here’s where I come in and tell you what it is all about.

Running towards our KL dream…

Truth to be told, whatever you see on the stage. As the Chinese saying goes: “ 台上一分钟,台 下十年功。” (A minute on stage means ten years of hard work off stage) Our journey in ISDC began way before it actually started. A few weeks before the auditions of the competition in which you are supposed to send Science and drama were two different genres of things I never thought I would experiment together. As such, I entered the competition without much confidence. There were many questions running through my head. How do you combine Science facts with drama? How is the script going to be like? What kind of play are we intending to show the audience? We had been given suggestions and tips from Science Centre Singapore. They proposed different topics under Science in Sports (The theme for this year’s competition) such as sports psychology, human anatomy etc. During our entire thought process, we got stuck many times, unsure of whether our end result would be good enough but eventually, we settled on the topic of sports psychology, or more specifically – visualization.

It’s easy to guess, but the trip was a really meaningful one for me. The organizers had done an amazing (screams this loudly) job organizing this trip for us and everything was just very well-planned from the start to the end. We were pampered with lavishing gifts from Science centre from the very start. They provided us with water bottles, luggage tags, a red hoodie and two water polo tees which both had the words “TEAM SINGAPORE” boldly printed on the back.

It was a relaxing trip…

And when we did win…?

We screamed, jumped, and danced around. And though you might cringe, lots of crying did happen. To be honest, I cannot describe to you explicitly how the scene looked like. It went pass so quickly, that even the shots from the camera still cannot fully express all the emotions we grappled with as we received the award. But what I can tell you was that it was a magical moment. You feel almost lifted for a moment because all the hard work and effort that you have put in had finally paid off.

The flight back was a torturous one- one that we all dreaded because we so desperately didn’t want to go back.

The ​KL Dream had really been the dream that we were anticipating for, it had fully met our expectations and so so much more. It was like a dream that had whisked us away from our studies and busy schedules in school momentarily, a dream that tore us away from a bustling reality, a dream we hoped would never end. But as we all know, people wake up from their dreams and eventually, this KL dream ended and all that we were left with was the essence of this trip- the memories we made, all the fun we had and all the friendships we have forged and I can guarantee that you will never look back and wished you hadn’t gone for the trip.

Before I forget (Nah, I would never forget this), I can never fully express how grateful I am to the accompanying Teachers, Science Centre staff and the organizers of International Science Drama Competition 2018. It was only with the organising of this event that we were able to receive such a platform to bond, experiment and have fun. The position we received in the competition was just a bonus to all the refreshing experiences we enjoyed during the entire ISDC journey. Thank you to all the other supporting Organizers, Petronas Malaysia and HOLIDAY Inn for hosting us.

Simple words that you see typed onto the screen can never properly help you visualize how much fun we had during the entire journey. The emotions we felt during this roller coaster journey and the memories we made will always be deeply rooted in our hearts. #ISDC2k18out.

And if fate destined for us to meet again, then see you again next year ISDC 2019 :)))

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