[ISDC2018] A Trip to the Grand Finals of the International Science Drama Competition by Nanyang Girls’ High School.

The following entries are submissions by International Science Drama Competition (ISDC) 2018 participants from Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School & Nanyang Girls’ High School on their memorable journey with Science Centre Singapore and participating in ISDC2018 overseas. 

Written by Lin Jingxi on behalf of the Nanyang Girls’ High School, Submitted by Eng Sheng, Science Educator, Life Sciences

The International Science Drama Competition was a truly memorable experience for me. Not only did I learn much more about science through the process of rehearsals and the performances, I also understood more about myself and my fellow theatre club members. It was only after the competition that I realised how much I had gained from the entire experience, and I would not trade them for anything in the world.

Drama and Science

The competition opened up a new perspective of science. In the past, I merely thought of science as the facts written in my textbook that I had to memorise, or the boring processes of the things around me. The idea of associating drama with science, and making use of it as a form of education and pure entertainment appeared ridiculous, especially because they were two completely different disciplines. Yet, as we began our journey of research, writing the script, rehearsing and performing, I realised that they worked peculiarly well together to present a cohesive presentation. It was only then that I began to associate science with the different things happening around me — be it the reason why I would fall down when I tilted over at a large angle, or what would happen if I took in excessive carbohydrates during dinner. Science is such an important part of our lives, yet we don’t focus on its importance but treat it as a mere subject. I was grateful that the competition educated me on this.


I also saw a new side of those that participated in the competition. When we first started out, it felt more like we were individuals working hard to present a story. It was through bonding and tough rehearsals, that our small group began to grow more united. In KL, we faced quite a number of problems — not having proper chairs, not using the mics because of the quality of the sound, the stage size, and more. However, we faced issues, we tried to overcome them together, even if it meant giving in on our part, instead of quietly sulking in a corner. When we chose not to use the clip-on mics, we worked together to resolve the issue of not being loud enough by standing in new positions. When the chairs we got were a little larger in size than our original ones, we dealt with the problem by rearranging ourselves. Regardless of the kinds of problem that was thrown at us, we resolved them efficiently. This was only made possible because the entire team shared a common goal, and was willing to work hard towards it. It was also because we received help from those around us, be it the Science Centre Singapore staff, our teachers, the teachers from the Primary Division, or the staff at the university in KL. Everyone made their own effort to do well individually, so when we came together as a group, everything ran smoothly. After the competition, I realised that we have grown to be stronger than we were before.

The trip

The trip we had in KL was also an amazing experience, thanks to the wonderful planning by both Science Centre Singapore, and the tour agency. Since we were not the ones that planned the trip, we simply followed the tour guide around to experience the different parts of KL. This made the trip a carefree and comfortable one, which was a great break from school. The trip also brought us together, allowing us to bond before the performance which increased our chemistry with each other. Therefore, I enjoyed myself.

The competition also allowed us to meet new people from different countries, with different acting styles and ideas. The other teams made use of colour, lights, music, dances, and songs to enhance their performance, and we found these tools particularly interesting. The experience of watching their performances, passing gifts, and interacting with them allowed us to understand them much better. We were also exposed to different performance styles, which gave us inspiration on the possibilities of the things we could be doing on stage too.

Although the results we got were definitely a huge plus, the most important thing to me was the entire experience of the competition. Planning, rehearsing, encountering challenges, overcoming them, performing, going through the competition, and travelling. These experiences will always remain as a beautiful memory to me because they taught me so much more about myself, and those around me.

Let’s meet again in ISDC’19!

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