A Singaporean’s Guide to 8 Common Street Trees

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Singaporeans are slowly resuming life as per normal. As shops start to reopen, those brave enough to venture outside swiftly flock with their SafeEntry apps in hand. But for the more cautious, they might not have seen any other form of life except through their TV, computer, or phone screens for 3 months and counting now.

Whether you fall into the former or latter, it’s time to disconnect from technology and connect a little bit more with nature. Break the monotony of staring at your screens by taking a leisurely stroll down the street (with your mask on, of course!), or gaze out from the safe and sanitised comfort of your home.

So here’s a little exercise: Walk over to your window or strap on your walking shoes, take a deep breath, and try identifying these 8 common streets trees of Singapore using only the pictures below. No cheating by searching the trees on the internet!

1) Rain Tree

2) Yellow Flame

3) Angsana

4) Trumpet tree

5) Senegal Mahogany

6) Sea almond

7) Tembusu

8) Supertree Grove

Written by Genevieve Teo
Illustrations by Toh Bee Suan


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