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Science Centre Singapore’s flagship event is back! This year’s theme is on ‘Food Factory’, covering food science, future food, innovative sustainable food processes — all things science and food related. Here are 4 events that you can look out for!

1. #UNTAMEflavours Online Web Browser Game


Ready to change the game for the STEMlings? 🌏 They’re in a bit of a pickle with their food habitats, and they’re counting on you! 🎮 Brace yourself for the ultimate taste-test adventure in UNTAMEflavours, a free-to-play online interactive playground. It’s not just fun, it’s your chance to win big with prizes like the coveted PlayStation 5 and iPad Air (5th Gen). Dive into a delectable menu of mini-games, put your foodie knowledge to the test with video quizzes, and even carry out real-world activities to support the cause. 🤝 Your mission to revive the STEMlings’ habitats begins now. Let’s get cooking and unbox the delicious secrets of the world of food at UNTAME 2023 through our #linkinbio today! #tiktoksg #fyp #untamesg #untame2023 #sciencecentresg #thingstodo #wheretogosg

♬ original sound – Science Centre SG – Science Centre SG

Visit untame.sqkii.com/start to start your adventure. Play as the adorable STEMling and fight food wastage in their world. With 13 video quiz missions and 2 different minigames (we especially liked using our brains for the burger game), earn points and win attractive prizes. Prizes include PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Food Processors, Food Steamers, and more!

2. UNTAME STAR Lecture


Join us this Saturday on an eat-mersive journey to explore the future of food @ the STAR Lecture! 😋🌟 See you there! #tiktoksg #fyp #untamesg #untame2023 #sciencecentresg #thingstodo #wheretogo

♬ original sound – Science Centre SG – Science Centre SG

For a fun and informational skit on future foods, attend Star Lecture featuring guest scientist Dr. Shaun Sim as he highlights Singapore’s latest food technology. You may even get to try some of the future foods and learn more at our partners’ booths. Open to public on 28th October 9.30AM-12.30PM. Tickets here!

3. STEAM Festival

For ages 2-8 years old, bring your child to STEAM Festival for fun exhibits and activities that will grow their appetites for healthy food and eating habits. Open from 31st October to 5th November! More information here.

4. UNTAME Onsite Festival (Day/Night)

The onsite festival offers 2 experiences —

The Marquee Experience where visitors go through an immersive maze, navigating through different stations in a fictional alternative supermarket, The M.A.R.T. Discover hidden clues and redeem food rations. There is even a special 18+ zone (separate ticket) where visitors discover a sinister twist through a hidden escape room-style section.

The UNTAME Dining Experience (separate ticket) is slightly different as unlike normal food establishments, the food chooses you! Each ticket entitles one 3-course meal set and exclusive entry to the themed tent with entertainment at selected timings. Click here for more information!


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