Colour through the Ages

Journey through the past to look at how our relationship with colour has changed with time.

Colour me with Science

Dyes and pigments have been used by humanity over the years in artworks and in colouring fabrics. Without these coloured substances, life would certainly be much duller.

Computers can now create art! But is it the same as human creations?

For those of us mere mortals, aka not art inclined, we may think of art as the sole bastion of talented creative masters. These individuals epitomise the very best of human creativity. On the fundamental level, art is really not just limited to the masters, everyone of us can indulge in a spot of artistic…

The Daily Nail

I love to paint my nails and flaunt the pretty artwork on these tiny canvases wherever I go. That got me thinking about the origin of nail art, and the uses of fingernails apart from scratching those itchy mosquito bites.  Why do we have fingernails, and what do you do with them? We know that…

3 Life-changing hacks (backed by science!)

Hosting a small dinner party this coming holiday? Here are some (scientifically-backed) hacks that can save your party! Be a sauce boss No party is complete without dipping sauces (not scientifically backed). Especially when there are kids around, ketchup is a must-have at most, if not all parties. When we pour out the sauce, we…