It’s no ordinary Jam. It’s a Tech Jam!

Written by Hezekiah & Danny “You have 5 minutes left! Do your finishing touches on your products!” On hearing the emcee’s countdown, some participants frantically attempted to assemble their artefact, while others laid back in their chairs, brimming with confidence in their winning pieces on the competition table. At this year’s Caltex Fuel Your School…

Shell STEM Youth Innovation Challenge: Food Theme Finalist- Hong Kah Secondary School, The HK Team

Shell STEM Youth Innovation Challenge (Shell STEM Challenge) is a competition open to all secondary three students from schools offering the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Applied Learning Programme (STEM ALP). Students get exposed to hands-on STEM experience when building the prototypes to solve real-world issues revolving the sustainability of Water, Food, Energy and Eco-friendly materials….