Stop-motion animation – The fourth in this series!

It’s amazing how one little idea could spark off a series of projects, and how the project could grow beyond what it was originally meant to be. About a year ago, some of us started having this craze about stop-motion animation. It was Scinemation season (a stop-motion animation competition organised by Science Centre Singapore) and…

The arts and science of Christmas

By Yen Ho Ho Ho. Christmas is a season for sharing and we thought why not try our hands on making a stop-motion seasons greeting for all our Facebook fans and blog followers? To begin with, the big issue we have is time. Making time to discuss our story board, aims, main characters etc etc….

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

It was Scinemation 2012 which inspired Yen and I to work on our own animation project. Hence we went about working on a year-end greeting animation for all the followers of our blog and various Facebook pages “Science Centre Singapore” and “Science It“. Check out the results of our 2.5 days of hard work (estimated)….

Animation fun

It was in the earlier part of this year that the readers of the Singapore Scientist magazine were actively engaged in a “Dinosaur skeleton assembly” activity, whereby readers can remove paper skeleton parts of a dinosaur from an activity page of the magazine, assemble them according to their own creativity, and email a photograph of…