Sounds like a Bright Idea! 

By Aminah Hydar, Benjamin Wong and Chen Siyu of Broadrick Secondary School  Imagine waking up one day with limited electricity, reserved only for powering essential appliances at home, in schools and in offices. No more watching television, charging our phones and gadgets, using our computers, or even turning on the air-conditioner on a warm day. Seems unlikely? Well, if we are not careful about how we consume electricity,…

Shell STEM Youth Innovation Challenge: Food Theme Finalist- Hong Kah Secondary School, The HK Team

Shell STEM Youth Innovation Challenge (Shell STEM Challenge) is a competition open to all secondary three students from schools offering the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Applied Learning Programme (STEM ALP). Students get exposed to hands-on STEM experience when building the prototypes to solve real-world issues revolving the sustainability of Water, Food, Energy and Eco-friendly materials….